Friday, January 14, 2011


So, in my last post, I chatted about style. More specifically, my mish-mash style. I love primitive country--you know, handstitched samplers, quilts, stars, stuff like this:

But I've also always loved anything French--toile fabrics, bright sunshiney colors, old pine tables. In fact, next year about this time, Big Daddy E. and I have a trip planned to Paris, where our daughter will be studying. LIVING for that one--I'm sure I'll never want to come home! Anyways, here's how I incorporate a little of the land I've never been to yet into our home--here's our bedroom, where I've decorated with some black and cream toile, black and cream checks, a sage green matlisse coverlet and a grand topiary (that actually lights up!). On the wall behind the bed are two old window frames from our 1922 built home in Omaha--I've stapled some coordinating fabric behind the frames, then hung French rooster prints in front:

Here's some more toile--in a picture frame (that's my Great Grandfather, George Allen White, in the photo), and a cute little toile lampshade I picked up at Pierre Deaux, the last tiime we were in Carmel:

I even like toile on plates! Actually, on plates I believe it's called "transferware". Here is a green and white transferware plate, with a picture of the University of Illinois, of all places, that I picked up in an antique store whilst traveling through northern Minnesota, and a red toile fruit plate by Waverly that I believe I picked up at Target:

The French country style is all about farm animals, like cows and roosters, anything with vintage looking fruit and anything in old, distressed looking pine. Here's a few country scenes from my little country kitchen:

This pine farm table is so old--it has a big crack right down the center of it. Big Daddy says he'll try to fix it one day soon.......I'm going to make sure he keeps that promise!

I was a very bad blogger last time--forgot to count my blessings! For shame. To atone for my sins, I'm going to DOUBLE my count this week--six blessings!

                                    TOP SIX THINGS I'M GRATEFUL FOR TODAY:

1. That I have girlfriends who will walk with me, almost every day, despite the fact that it's usually around     zero degrees and we can't feel our faces.
2. For my new washer and dryer--just THINK of the energy savings!
3. That our daughter and her boyfriend had such a fun day at Disneyland/California adventure. They work
very hard at school, so they totally deserved it!
4. That I've lost 10 lbs.--1/2 to my 20 lb. goal before my 30th high school reunion this summer (I went to high school in southern California, and everyone is gorgeous there)
5. That I'm alive and well enough to attend my high school reunion this summer!
6. Once again, I'm soooo grateful for modern technology--blogging is such fun!

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  1. Im most grateful for you Leslie and that you share yourself so unselfishly with us.
    Thank you for the great ideas and tips... our bedroom has been the last thing on my list of "To Do's" but I have an old window frame (out of a church from the early 1900's) Its hanging in my room now, but I love the frabric idea and think I will incorporate that when we start giving our room style this year. Love love love your ideas!!!
    Love and prayers for all good things to come sista!!!