Saturday, January 15, 2011


Below zero when we dragged our sleepy selves out of bed this morning. Wee Willie had an especially hard time waking up; here he is in his cozy little bed with all of his toy friends:

But wake up we had to, and after a few cupas, I headed out the door for a very important date. Here's the world this transplanted California girl faces outside, all stinking winter long (check out this 4 foot long icecicle--the world's most perfect murder weapon!):

                                   Looks like SOMEBODY needs to shovel off our back deck!:

What's the reason for venturing outside into this winter paradise, you might be asking? Why, it's one of my very favorite friend's birthday--FUN PAM! And believe me, Fun Pam has that nickname for a reason! The girls and I are treating Fun Pam to breakfast, where she shall be showered with gifts!:

Don't you just LOVEEEEE presents?

We met at our town Diner--called Walt's. Here's Walt, and here's his diner:

                      (Doesn't he look just like a lumberjack? Well--he ALSO does that for a living!)

                             (These guys are solving all of the world's problems, I'm just sure of it!):

                   Here's our little birthday girl, and here's her omelette--HUGE portions!"

  Here are my other favorite girlfriends--Sharon, who is my blonde neighbor, and Beth, who is soo much    prettier than this (she was mad at me for taking this, because she had noooo makeup on!):

                                And here's our waitress, Flo (not really--think her name is Kathy)

Sixteen cups of hot coffe later, we split the check and were outa there. Tonite is psychic night--a regular event--and we all needed to get working on our appetizers. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FUN PAM!

                                  3 THINGS I'M MOST GRATEFUL FOR TODAY:

1. I'm so grateful for my full length down coat--it keeps me so cozy and warm, and is so lightweight!

2. I'm equally grateful for my flannel sheets and down comforter. 'Nuff said.

3. I'm grateful to have such silly girlfriends--they always make me laugh and make my day!


  1. Leslie, the pictures are as awful as I thought they'd be!!! Thanks for coming out in the misery for my birthday breakfast. You know this transported Florida girl feels the same way as you about the weather!

  2. WHAT??? Awful pictures???Fun Pam, you are gorgeous!!!

  3. There's nothing like a perfect girlfriend day to take the chill out of winter. The fun you were having radiates from the screen with the power to melt icicles. :-)

  4. Lady, I'm starting to think the winter is warping your brain! Paycheck better be good! OF neighbors, be on the watch! If that icicle disappears you better do a quick headcount!