Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So, what's YOUR style? Do you even know? Is it modern and sleek? Cozy and cluttery? Do you like to go to thrift stores/garage sales/ discount stores, or would you rather die?

My style for our home--hmmmm. I know what I love, that's for sure, and I know what I loathe. Which helps a lot when making big decisions on things like paint colors and furniture. Since we've moved to New York, I've fallen in love with the Primitive look--it just seems to "fit" here, where so much is old and historical. I also love to decorate with antiques--I find they really warm up our newer home. The garden inspired interiors have always appealed to me, and so does anything French Country. So you know what? I decorate with what I love--a mishmash of Primitive/Country/Garden/French, and for some reason, it all works! I guess that would be my decorating advice--go with what you LOVE,and don't worry too much about what your style is. Somehow, it'll always work together.

Today, I'm going to show you some photos of my home taken over the last year--these show my more Primitive/Gardeney style. Next post--French Country! Here's one of my favorite things--an old shutter, complete with peeling paint. I've adorned it with a barn star and battery operated candle, that flickers wonderfully:

I also love this old barn door, that I keep on our stair landing. It's fun to hang things on, like these yellow plates. The door would also be wonderful used as a partition:

                    (You know what? My camera makes everything seem much redder than it really is--
                     this door is more of a barn red in color)

I've had this real live topiary for years, and somehow haven't killed it yet. It's next to an old old shovel--my husband jokes that I keep it next to the front door to kill intruders with!:

Do you have an old rake? I needed a place to hang some jewelry in my bathroom, and this does the trick!:

Speaking of bathrooms, I just love these gardeney plates hanging in our master bath. They make me smile:

Here's a little tablescape I created in our entryway--it changes seasonally:

And even more primitive:

                                                    I just ADORE little houses--can't you tell?:

                                                      And bee skeps--I also love bee skeps!:

Here's my old floral covered chair in my office--the cats LOVE to hang out here when I work:

And SPEAKING of cats--this is my fattest, Pee Wee. He's running away--I think the flash scared him, and he's on top of one of my homemade "rugs" that I love to paint:

Come back next time for part 2--I'll show you my Provencial/French Country side!


  1. And I see that you love books, too! Smart woman!

  2. I would recognize that style anywhere; you have such a flair for making ordinary objects look like art! You should open a shop!

  3. I love that you share your home with us. I love your home!! : ) Reminds me of when Brad and I looked at the rental on Fuller in Twain Harte and you had it decorated so cozy and were cooking a yummy smelling meal and we left... I turned to Brad and said if we rent this do you think I could keep her and all her decor too! lol Love you, love your blog and look forward to what comes next!! I now have a shovel of my own!!! It's on the porch with a name on it (nicoles old boyfriend!! he dug himself a few holes with it!! lol

  4. Lisa, I think we were meant to be friends---too funny, the way we met! I soooo remember that evening. So glad you've joined the shovel "club"!