Thursday, January 6, 2011


For some reason, the couple of weeks after Christmas and New Year's always leaves me feeling a little, well, bleeeeck! My house just feels so plain after all of the lights and trees have come down, inside and outside. And where we live, here in the great Northwoods of America, it can be pretty dark and cold for a long, long time; why, just this morning it was NEGATIVE 5 degrees. But you know what? Wee Willie doesn't care at alllll--he still needs his walk! I mean really, could you turn down this face?:

I sure can't! By the time we returned, he was limping because his little paws got so cold, and I totally couldn't feel my face. I'm telling you, I fantasize about living somewhere like, say, Georgia, on a day like this! But for now, I'm continuing to bloom where I've been planted. Freshened up our centerpiece on our kitchen table--out came the cute red pomegranites and Christmas ornaments, and in went some faux Lily of the Valley that I picked up at Wally World for about 2 bucks:

Sort of fresh and woodsy looking, doncha think?

I also changed up the decorative basket on our front door, using fresh greens (they freeze solid here all winter long, so they stay green) and more little delicate white flowers:

I also collect snowmen, and don't put them away until spring--I find them quite cheery, welcoming us home on our front porch. My girlfriend gave me this cute little snowman sign (that I also hang outside), that says, "I'd melt for you". Sorry about the glare:

I've also been busy up in my new craft area (photos to come soon, I promise), making these darling little white felt stars. They are sooooo easy to make! In fact, I'll be making lots of little Valentine hearts out of felt soon, so I'll show you how then. But for now, I hang these little stars evvvvverywhere:

I found the cutest buttons and ribbons at Michael's. I have a serious problem when I go into any craft store--it's like my version of crack cocaine!

Come back very soon for my super Easy Chicken Manicotti recipe!!


  1. Love the first picture! The lighting is terrific! Hey, did Paycheck come through on Christmas Day? Are you shooting with some fancy new camera?

    And it's only -5,that barely winter in the Adks!

  2. sigh--no, I still don't have that camera, Lollie--I wanted knobs for my cabinets for Christmas! But hey, Valentine's days coming.....

  3. Love the pic of Willie!! Is he part schnauzer, do you think?

  4. Hi Julia! He's a pound pup--we know he's half some kind of terrier, and maybe half border collie? We don't know--he's a very strange looking little guy, but we love him!

  5. But so much healthier and cuter than crack cocaine!

  6. Such a cute puppy! I love how you're managing the transition from the warmth of Christmas to the brightness of spring. I struggle with that space of time as well. You've inspired me to add some light to my home - I'm thinking pussy willows, real or fake, just to remind that spring is coming.

  7. So funny about your love of snowmen. My son, Hunter, bought me a LED snowman that I just love several Christmases ago. He sits out from just after Thanksgiving til the first day of Spring. My oldest daughter was giving me a hard time the other day telling me to put him away with the rest of the Christmas decor. I told her..."the snowman STAYS!" We here in Oklahoma are praying for some snow so we can stop all of this static electricity. I am calling my 3-legged cat "Static-cat". Everything sticks to her, it is so funny and sad at the same time. Send us some snow, but keep the colder weather up your way, sis!
    ~~Debra G.