Thursday, January 27, 2011


Big Daddy belongs to an association called The Club Manager's Association of America, and every once in a while their local chapter has get togethers. Of course, the spouses just love it when they're invited--usually a free dinner at a wonderful restaurant! Often we meet in the beautiful fingerlakes town of Skaneateles (pronounced "skinny atles"), as it's a good central spot for most of the members. If you've been following my blog since the very beginning, you might remember my friend Leslie and I ("Two Leslies in the Fingerlakes") had a fun day shopping in Skaneateles, right before Christmas. I just love that little village--great shopping, great food and absolutely GORGEOUS scenery, year-round!

We often stay at the lovely old Sherwood Inn--you can check it out, here:
The inn was built way back in 1807, and has been owned since 1974 by a friend of ours, Bill Eberhardt. Who also is a member of the club my husband manages. I think the reason we love staying at the Sherwood so much is because of the way one feels there--like we've stepped back in time. There is an elegant restaurant (a converted old front porch) overlooking Lake Skaneateles:

And here's the warming fireplace that greets you in the lobby:

Big Daddy checking in and carrying our bags upstairs (I was too busy snapping photos!):

Here's the hallway outside our 2nd floor suite:

Just THINK of the history that's happened here!

Every room is a little different, and loaded with antiques. I SO wanted to steal this armoire!:

(Just so you know, the wallpaper in our room wasn't this neon pink--that's my stupid camera again. I would say it was more of a dark raspberry--very elegant, and not at all Vegas)

Here's some snaps of our 2 room suite:

That's right, baby--a two person soaker--jacuzzi tub! I'm not going to say any more about what happened here except: after dinner glasses of Amaretto. "Nuff said!

Oh, did I mention that we were in Skaneateles during the coldest two days of the winter so far? Negative 15 that night (much worse at home--negative 32!), so this is how the frozen lake looked from our window:

People were actually ice fishing when we were there. I was sooo tempted to walk out onto the lake, but in the end was much too chicken!

I suppose you'd like a photo of the outside of the Inn--it's a beautiful and distinctive colonial blue. And check out those icecicles--again, Lollie, nature's most perfect murder weapon!:

Sigh--I wanna go back! Hey you, come back soon for some warming Lentil and Sausage soup!


1. I'm grateful that today is "cut and color" day--my hair is a BUSH with dark roots! Pretty!
2. I'm grateful that Big Daddy is eating out with auditors tonite--it's The Oprah network, popcorn and wine for mommy!
3. I'm grateful for the pretty classical guitar music that's playing on my stereo as I type away--I can feel my blood pressure lowering by the minute

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  1. Awesome Post Leslie... enjoyed this very very much! What an incredible place that you stayed! So tell me, is it haunted with all the history that has taken place there? Just curious... you know all the stories about our "old" hotels in Jamestown and Sonora!

    Again, thank you.... I'm most Thankful for every new post that you share with us!!