Monday, January 17, 2011


I've lived here in the Adirondack mountains of Upstate New York since 2004. You'd think I'd get used to this, but I sooooo haven't! And I'm pretty stoic, if I do say so myself. I will walk for miles when it's zero degrees, but I draw the line at below zero. It's just too painful! And so I think I have a fabulous excuse to stay inside today and cook and blog and read, don't you? In fact, this afternoon I'm going to make an amazing Artichoke Chicken Lasagna--I'm bringing lunch to the girls at the paper tomorrow. Too fun! So come back for that post in a day or two, okay? For now, here's where I'm snuggling up--in my little office reading chair, just' a countin' my blessings!:

                                         TOP 3 THINGS I'M GRATEFUL FOR TODAY:

1. I'm grateful for my weekend--Saturday night with neighborhood friends was SO MUCH FUN!

2. I'm grateful that I'm finally, finally starting to like my hair short. It's only taken me 3 years, folks.

3. I'm grateful that I'm so busy lately. Writing, blogging, cooking, cleaning, exercising, sewing, talking to friends--I love my life!


  1. Oh my gosh girl... that is soooo cold, im cold just thinking of how cold you are!!!! Im sure your mom told you, but we are going through a warm phase!! Grap a quilt, cozy up by the fire and stay warm Les.

  2. Hey Leslie - love the blog. Now I have to try out the recipes. And, it's a great haircut :)

  3. Artichoke Chicken Lasagna, eh? That sounds so yummy! Don't know if I ever told you, but artichokes are a mainstay of any major celebration at our house. They are so expensive anymore, though. Least expensive we have found the whole artichokes (decent size) is $2.50@! It's a major commitment, but we love them. It isn't nearly as cold here, but we are expecting two more cold snaps any day. At least there is no lawncare?! Happy MLK day, Les!
    ~~Debra G.

  4. I'm jealous of your office reading chair! I love my tiny little office, there's no room for anyone besides me, unfortunately, that also means no room for something cozy either.

  5. Yikes!!! That is COLD, girl! Thank goodness your home is so warm and cozy. Keep it up and hey, the haircut is DARLING. -Megan