Saturday, March 19, 2011


Just so you know, I'm not Irish, but yesterday (a Friday), my Swedish/French Canadian blue eyes WERE smilin'.....because our college girl and her sweet boyfriend are HOME:

They flew all night, so they were a little disheveled, and the boy toy, Sanford, turned into a total geek in our snow. See, he's from San Diego, born and raised, and has never been around much winter before. This is what he did not 2 seconds after arriving here in the Adirondacks:

That look of surprise on his face? That's because Abbie pelted him with a big, wet snowball. Good times....good times.......

And SPEAKING of good times--yesterday was also our town's annual St. Patrick's Day parade; the largest in the Adirondacks, doncha know! Our group (this was our 4th year together) was "The Irish Eyes" this year, and we took 2nd place! Here are some fun snaps of our getting ready sessions and during the parade itself:

Every single year, the green afros RULE!


Pizza--there's a no green beer on an empty stomach rule!

I was "Red Eye" Willard

Beth, as The Eye of The Storm

Denise--Eye Candy (I ate some chocolate off of her later in the evening)

Sharon--Pop Eye (left), Pam--Lazy Eye (center) and me.

Megan and Renee--who were 4 Eyes, with a sexy Irish Elvis from another group

Our gang, getting ready to line up

I was almost run over by this fire truck a few times, trying to get crowd photos

A fun crowd, every single year

New mom Kate--Bug Eyes--a true Adirondack mama, with her beer in the stroller!

                Once again, thanks for the laughs, ladies! You all are the best!


1. I'm so grateful the kids had a safe trip, and that they are here in town with us for over a week. Although we won't see them much--too many college kids in town.
2. I'm grateful for the fun spirit of this little town we live in--never need an excuse for a party 'round here!
3. I'm grateful I get to cook for 4 hungry people next week--be ready for lots of recipe blogging, coming up!

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