Saturday, March 5, 2011


You know Spring is on its way, here in the North Country, when we girlfriends get together on a Friday night to plan our TOP SECRET St. Patrick's Day parade ideas. I'd tell you all about it, but I'd have to kill you first. The St. Patrick's Day parade here in Old Forge is a BIG stinkin' deal, and our group usually takes 1st prize for our entry, every year. Can you just feel the pressure, looking at these photos? I sure can, especially by the tense, uber-planning look on my friend Sharon's face, and by the way Gisele is stuffing her mouth full of popcorn~! Stress eating (and drinking!), doncha know:

Oh, don't you worry--you'll get all the inside scoop on our costumes and the parade itself, very soon (well, the Friday after St. Pat's, to be specific) will not believe the spectacles we make of our foolish selves!

Just so you know, my friends and neighbors all think I'm nuts. For real. Because even though there's still about 12,000 feet of snow on the ground (with more coming, tomorrow, I fear), I have officially started my Spring decorating. This happens every single year--the intense craving for freshness, for bunnies and chicks and eggs and bird's nests and little farm animals and Forsythia branches and Daffodils. So what if it still feels like winter outside? Here's some EARLY Springtime cheer, just for you!:

Do you spy the hidden little bunny?

My husband thinks this pig looks a little evil! No way!

Wishing you happy Springtime thoughts, everyone!


1. I'm grateful that I was able to take a nice, long walk with Willie--the forecasted heavy rains and ICE haven't hit yet.
2. I'm so grateful that BFF Lisa in California is coming to stay with us this summer--oh, the trouble we'll get into! I love you, girl!
3. I'm grateful that my husband loves his job--he is one happy man these days!


  1. BEAUTIFUL VIGNETTES!! Awesome Dishes. You have me in the mood for a dinner party:0) Thank you for such lovely inspiration on these dreary final days of winter.
    Bliss to you~ Misi

  2. I can't wait! I love trouble!! Look out Big Daddy E!! lol Im really thinking the second week in June Leslie... is that sounding good to you? Love and hugs!! Lots to look forward to!

  3. second week of June would be FABULOUS, Lisa! Buy up those tickies!!!

  4. Love the still life under the cake cover; so cute, and piggies are my thing, so you know I covet him! =)

    Thanks for the early hint of spring...hang on, it is comin' your way. Beautiful day in Oklahoma!


  5. I can hardly wait to see what the girlfriends come up with. Your spring decorations are wonderful, and I think you're helping to drive winter away faster by showing them now. This post makes me smile.