Friday, March 25, 2011


After lots and lots of begging and pleading from Abbie AND her parents, Sanford finally did it. Cut his longish Berkeley-college student- looking locks off. I really think this new "do" shows off his sweet face!:

Just in time for Snowmaker's Ball! Abbie and Sanford are double-dating with us this year--the Ball is an annual event in our town, and it's always lots of fun. We have had SUCH a fun week with these two, but alas, they fly back to California on Sunday. But that's okay--we'll be flying out to see THEM in about 3 weeks, at the tail end of our week in Vegas, baby. Let the good times ROLL! Here's another photo of our darling couple:

Happy travels, kids! We love you!

Here's what I'm most grateful for today:

1. I'm grateful to Sanford Jackson's parents in San Diego, who raised such a sweet son.
2. I'm grateful that, even though I bitch about it weekly, I have a house to clean. And maybe this week, it'll STAY clean for more than 2 hours!
3. I'm grateful that I had such eager diners at my kitchen table this whole week. I LOVE having someone to cook for!!

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