Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ccccccoooolllldddd again here this morning (it seems to always hover around zero at our house), but Willie and I needed a walk, and I needed to practice some photography, so off we went! Here's what I hate about winter: how friggin' long it takes to get out the door; long underwear, hat, gloves, scarf, coat, boots, on and on. But here's what I love about winter: the blue, blue sky against the snowy trees, and the crisp pure mountain air:

My walk usually starts by my neighbor's house; her son had his snowmobiles parked outside--a sure sign of winter here. In fact, did you know that where we live (Old Forge, NY) is the Snowmobile Capital of the East? Well, now you do:

People also like to ski here--check out my neighbor's antique skis that decorate her house every winter:

Onward we walked, down the private road near our house. I have a "thing" for split rail fences--LOVE THEM!:

We had a pretty bad wind/snow blizzard storm type thing here last weekend--these people are going to be so surprised by this monster tree that fell across their driveway. Welcome Home!:

In fact, we've had so much snow this winter that, if you didn't happen to shovel off your roof, this is what could happen:

(That's our friend Rick's excavation building--bummer!) Onward we walked, checking out this old farmhouse with a craggly old apple tree out front:

Then we cruised by our friend's Bed and Breakfast, located right on the Moose River:

You should see how gorgeous their garden on the river is in the summertime!

Next we walked by Thendara's old train depot and town hall. Check out the Pepsi machine--don't think THAT was there when the depot was built!:

A few more awesome homes in the hood--I LOVE the yellow on this house (and again, the split rail fence thing)!:

By the time we got home, we were pretty danged cold. I would say it's time for some oatmeal! One thing I have to mention: For the record, Big Daddy has HATE HATE HATED oatmeal his entire life, until I switched over to the Steel Cut Irish Oats. Now he can't get enough--seriously, he begs me to make it, at least twice a week.

(Please note--these oatmeal photos are the last ever from my old piece of SH%* digital camera--much better quality food pictures are on the way!)

The key to great oatmeal, in my book? The toppings:

I like to add things like chopped nuts, raisins and/or cranberries, chopped dried apricots, diced apple or banana. Of course, you also need a little butter, a little brown sugar (if desired) and some cinnamon:

I MUST show you my cuter than cute butter dish, that I've had forever and a day:

I buy the quick cooking Irish Oats, so I can whip up a pot full in about 10 minutes time--just enough time to chop up your fruit and nuts:

And here's breakfast! So delicious, and so nutritious!


1. I'm grateful that my husband hired an amazing new assistant manager for his club--should make Big Daddy's job much, much easier from now on!

2. I'm grateful that today is our Arts Center's Chili luncheon--gotta love chili on a day like this!

3. I'm grateful that our daughter and her boyfriend have just announced that they'll both be HERE for over a week in March. SO looking forward to seeing them!


  1. How great that you have a visit from Abbie to look forward to, and I'm glad you like her boyfriend, a bonus!

  2. I am going to break out my crockpot tonite and put on some oatmeal. I like the way it turns out in it, and you have inspired me, sista-friend.

    Loved, loved, loved your morning walk. Thanks for taking us along!

    Love, Debra G.

  3. I love this post Leslie, love "our walk" together too! I can't wait to come out and take that walk (in summer) with you and wee willy!! : ) The oatmeal sounds so yummy, I'll have to go and find that kind, I have never seen it before. Do you know if Safeway carries it?
    Love and hugs and special blessings for a very special woman!!!

  4. Hey Lisa--I get that oatmeal at an east coast chain supermarket called Hannifords, but I think most larger supermarkets would have it in their organic section. Hope that helps, and cannot WAIT for you to come back this summer and walk with me!

  5. Super cool that your playlist comes on! What a neat feature! ("Neat" - a midwestern term for "cool" - I didn't want to be redundant with my adjectives.)