Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, a very happy St. Valentine's Day to you! I hope your day is just filled to the brim with love; love from your family and friends and sweethearts and everyone else you may encounter during your day. I just adore Valentine's Day, and decorate for it in mid-January, usually. Here's a garland that I made last month that I have hanging on my front porch (I also made one for our daughter's dorm room--she should be opening that care package right...... about....NOW!):

I just have this thing for anything heart shaped--always have, always will. Here are some photos of some hearts that I have just hangin' about La Casita De Willard:

Please come back and see me on Wednesday--I'll be preparing a fabulous new recipe for Pork Carnitas Tacos! To die for--really.

                              TOP 3 THINGS I''M GRATEFUL FOR TODAY:

1. I'm grateful that my husband will be home later on tonite--just in time for Valentine's Day, and JUST in time to shovel some snow!
2. I'm so grateful for the recipes that keep coming my way, whether it be via e-mail, blog or just old-fashioned snail mail. Keep 'em coming!
3. I'm grateful that our days here, so far far north, seem to finally be getting longer. Bring on Spring!


  1. You just can't have too much love! Happy Valentine's Day, Leslie!

  2. Okay, headed to the kitchen to try my hand at the Valentine Linzer cookies... oh god!! lol I'll let you know how they turned out... not showing the family a picture of yours, as im not sure mine will turn out that pretty!! lol

  3. Yeah MEEEE!! I did it, and they were fun, and wonderful tasting. Leslie, thankyou, you made my valentines so TASTY!! The family will be shocked when they come home!! hehehe

  4. So glad they worked for you, Lisa! That recipe has never let me down--love you!