Friday, December 17, 2010


Wee Willie and I are waiting...
And waiting.........

And finally, finally, it's time! Little Miss Thing is HOME, for Christmas! Let the festivities begin!

(she's kinda irritated with me here.....just flew the red-eye in, all the way across country. Says she slept a whole HOUR!)

I redid her room for her, as soon as she left for her sophomore year,in August. No more teenage she has a more sophisticated college-girls's room, with fresh white paint, a handmade headboard, a new desk and a cozy chair for reading, right in the dormer.

(sorry these are so dark....still need that new camera!)

Was she ever "surprised"!  (NOT!):

What a little faker!

So, not 5 minutes after she brought her bags upstairs, this is where I found her:

Sweet dreams, Little Miss Thing! Do you think the smell of fresh Gingerbread will wake her up?


  1. Darling room! I have that same blue chair and ottoman - exactly! Now I want to get cute pillows and a throw and a little tray thingy to match you, too!

  2. Did you get it from Bean also, and is it a fold out futon? We bought it because we got rid of our guest room, and needed somewhere for people to sleep! They never stay with us, tho--always at Egan's club or a motel. Which is FINE wit me!