Sunday, December 19, 2010


Some REALLY, REALLY bad photos! Just you wait, my pretty.........

Maybe Mama had a little too much mulled red wine? I dunno, but these pictures totally BITE, and that's okay, because we had so much fun at this year's annual Neighborhood Cookie Party! I worked for
dayzzz and dayzzz on my cookies and cheese platters, and mulled red wine and apple ciders. Check it:

This is the mulled apple cider, with lots of citrus slices and a little cheesecloth bundle of mulling spices. I swear to you I was up at 6 a.m., getting this going!

Here's the mulled red wine---be sure to add at least a cup of white sugar to this--you will know you've added enough when it doesn't taste so bitter anymore! Mmmmm...warms the cockles!

Remember these oatmeal cookies, from an earlier post?

Cheese, cheese, the magical fruit!

A spread fit for a king!

This is my favorite go-to dip--two blocks of cream cheese, processed in your processor or blender with about 1/2 of one jar of sundried tomatoes, packed in oil. Sometimes I add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of crushed red chili pepper flakes, for a little heat.

                          Now, to the peeps (and this is where the baaaad photos come into play):

Logan Smith, my horrible daughter Abbie, Chelsea and Charlie Hanford 

My wretched daughter Abbie, the darlings Ms. Chelsea Plescia, Sarah Bolton and Jenny Zheng came to play

Fern and BFF Leslie Bailey

Jon Bailey ( he is SOOOO much handsomer than this, I swear!)

BFF's Anna (Mommy) and Jimmy Ortiz, Pet-sitters to the stars!

Bff Leslie and the wickedly fabulous Stuart DeCamp, who shall someday rule the world!

The very wonderful Dona Finkle, who did NOT want her picture taken!

Dona's dotter Sharon Finkle Kleps, who shall also someday rule da whirled!

The adorable and oh-so-shy Mrs. Susan Webster

And THEN there's Big Daddy--me thinks someone needs a good night's sleep!

Thanks to all of you who made Cookie-palooza 2010 so much fun!

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