Friday, May 4, 2012

ODE TO PEE WEE...........

Pee Wee Willard


We had to put our beloved 14 year old cat, Pee Wee, to sleep yesterday. His demise came upon us rather suddenly....he was normally the happiest, chubbiest, purr-iest cat you ever done seen.

Kidney failure is a Witch with a B............

Here are a few fun facts I'll bet you didn't know about him:

***Pee Wee Willard was born in Sonora, California, and he drove (well actually, we drove...he didn't have his license yet) all the way across the Unitied States in the back of an SUV, to his final home in upstate New York.

***Pee Wee Willard weighed 19 pounds, and when he jumped off of the bed, the whole house shook. For reals.

(Pee Wee tried to get along with most dogs)

***Pee Wee Willard was bulimic. I am not kidding. He was known to regularly "binge" on his kibble, then "purge" it back up. Thank God for wood floors, paper towels and 409!

***Pee Wee Willard was an agorophobic. The above photo is pretty much the closest he ever got to going outside. The world was just way too scary for sensitive Pee........

***Pee Wee Willard was all about love, and didn't have a mean bone in his chubby body....his bliss was cuddling up next to whoever was on the sofa or in bed.....

Rest in peace, our red headed son.

We love you!

Mom, Dad and Abbie



  1. Dear Willard Family,

    So sorry to hear about your other ginger child, your furbaby. Years ago, when Alan and I got together, we vowed to be pet-free, as losing our cats and dogs is an incredibly hard thing. Well, that lasted all of about 2 years, and we have a 15 month old rescue Lab, Sadie, and our 7 year old rescue 3-legged kitty, Charlotte (aka Piddly), and 2 years ago lost our big Newfy Pepper, also a rescue sweetie, our baby-bison, to acute kidney failure, in a matter of 3 days. So we have sadly been there, done that. Hugs to all of you! Love, Debra

  2. I am so sorry to hear this Leslie! I completely understand how you are feeling. I mourned my guinea pig for a week. Don't laugh :-)