Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Before I get all into the business of THESE...........

(I mean really, can you even STAND it? Check out that lemon zest!)

......I would like to take just a brief moment of your time to chat about why I love my Wink!...........


(Halloween, 2008--gotta love a man who's not afraid to wear black lipstick!)

1. He's a better father than I could have ever dreamed up for our daughter--his support of her is "unwavering", in Abbie's sweet words.

2. He's put up with ME and my crazy schemes for 25 (come August) married years now--he's the Ricky to my Lucy!

3. He's my biggest cheerleader, and never lets me forget my hopes and dreams.

4. He is kind to all animals and children.

5. He loves his chosen career, and has created a very comfortable life for his family, because he's just so GOOD at what he does.

6. He cares about his health more than most men I know, and has even recently started (yikes--can you say KNEE REPLACEMENT?!) running!

7. He keeps me on my toes--who else would encourage me to get out of bed with him at 5 a.m. on a freezing winter morning to go and "kill" myself at the gym? Because he CARES about my butt not getting too huge!

8. He's funny! Wink does funny "jigs" around our home when he's feeling giddy, and he mixes up commonly used expressions all the time: just the other night, he told a friend of ours that he heard a "BONE curdling scream"! (Not laughing AT you, Wink--laughing WITH you!). Do bones even curdle?

9. He's FUN--never afraid to dress up for Halloween (see above), and is the world's BEST travel companion, always up for a wild adventure!

10. He tells me how pretty I am and how thin (did I mention he has terrible eyesight?) I am just about every single day--SHOOT--I think I might just keep him for another 25!

(crappy I-phone photo)


Well, with a husband like that, you'd better believe I try to be nice to him, as often as I can! Last night, I knew Wink would be tired after 3 days of meetings, plus driving home from Rochester, so I planned to have his favorite dinner waiting for him (he begs me to make this Italian Sausage and Lentil Soup for him, all the time--you can find the recipe, HERE) when he got home. Plus a special, surprise dessert.

(I think that's one of the reasons we have such a happy marriage--we like to do nice things for each other! Wink cooks for me often when he knows that I'm tired, and never grumbles about it. Hey, maybe I should make that number 11 on my list....)

I've mentioned my friend Debbie's blog here before--it's called Mountain Breaths. Debbie lives in nearby Utica, and often features tempting recipes. WELL, when I saw her recent post on Lemon Brownies, I just knew I had to try them out, because there is nothing Wink loves more than a lemon dessert!

But wait--don't brownies need to be BROWN, and include chocolate, you ask? Well, I thought so too, but then my darling Aunt Jan reminded me of "Blondies", which I do believe are white chocolate brownies. Anyways, I think the name "brownie" is apropos here, because the texture is the same as a moist chocolate brownie...and if you love lemon and butter, then these are just for you!.............

(I used salted butter, because the recipe didn't say NOT to, and they came out just fine, FYI)

First thing to do: line the bottom of a baking dish with Parchment, then spray with Pam. In a mixing bowl, stir together flour, sugar and salt.....add butter..............

(I used my mixer, because Debbie didn't say NOT to!)

Stir together eggs, lemon juice and lemon zest; stir into batter.........

Spread batter in prepared pan............

Bake as directed...when cool, mix up glaze ingredients (powdered sugar and lemon juice); drizzle over brownies and sprinkle with additoinal lemon zest..........


Oh SISTAHMAMAFRIEND--these are just glorious!

You can find this amazing recipe and Debbie's amazing blog, HERE.

Thank you so much Debbie for sharing this with my loyal readers--you are such an inspiration!


***the fact that I have 10 reasons to love my husband, plus many more that I won't bore you with!

***that it is supposed to warm up again here soon--it was 12 degrees here yesterday morning!

***My kitchen--since our mini-remodel last year, I just love cooking in it now! I plan on giving you a tour of what we had done, very soon!



  1. OOOOOOH, loves me anything lemon! My mouth is watering, which matches my nose, by the way. Good news, got my garden beds cleaned out, bad news, sore all over and allergies that won't let up! Sigh... Love your Top Ten reasons for loving your hubby, Les. My hubby (actually call him huggy from a similar slip!)calls my pansies "paisleys" and channels my long-lost Daddy in those loveable mixups. At least he giggles when he is corrected. Congrats on nearly 25 years of wedded bliss! Will look forward to making these luscious looking lemonys! ~~Debra

  2. LOVE it, Red. You two are the best! And the recipe looks terrific, too! Fortunately, it is clear Miss Abbie knows how fortunate she is to have such a great set of parents who love each other dearly. Hugs and kisses to you and your lovely family, dear!! xoxo-Megan

  3. It's refreshing to hear what someone loves about their spouse after 25 years! You are both blessed to have each other!

  4. Leslie, what a SWEET post! I love when you have a new ALWAYS makes me smile.

  5. Hi Leslie, guess what? I love your blog and I have chosen it as one of 5 awesome blogs to pass on the Liebster Blog Award! I hope you are as excited to receive it as I am to pass it along to you! Come on over and check out the post.