Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sooo, just had my big Willow House Kickoff Party at my home last week, and boy oh boy was it ever fun! Lots and lots of really great friends and neighbors stopped by, and I'd have to say the response was PHENOMENAL! I was a little concerned with the price points in the catalog, but once my friends saw the absolute quality of the items, and realized the fabulous deals to be had, well, people kinda went NUTZZZZ! My best selling item of the night? This bad boy.......

And no, the cupcakes don't come with the stand, silly goose! This French Wire Tiered Stand is Willow House's best selling item, OF ALL TIME, and I know why. It's 3 tiers, but can be taken down to 2, or even 1, and can be jazzed up so very easily--you can see in my photo that I used some beautiful ribbon, with coordinating cupcakes, to set a "theme"--and let me tell you, the options are endless! Having a girl's birthday? You could use pink ribbon; Christmas? use green and red check! Heck, The Fourth of July is coming--Red, white and blue ribbon with coordinating appetizers or baked goods displayed inside. So much fun! This item retails for $51.96, BUT REMEMBER--if you spend over $40 with Willow House, you get any item under $40 for half price. A pretty great deal! In case you'd like this French Wire Tiered stand for yourself, you can order it at my website, located in the upper right hand margin of this blog, and the item number is 41374.

I modeled this cute little number during the party, and it was a hit also......

The colors in this apron are so fresh and pretty, and the ruffles make you feel just like a kitchen GODDESS! This Continental Kitchen Ruffled Apron has a triple-ruffled dot and damask pattern, and retails for $24.96. The item # is 41455, in case you'd like it for your pretty little self.

That's all for now.....ooops, one more thing: If you'd like me to bring my Willow House show to YOUR home (and you should let me--you'll receive LOTS of free stuff, and have so much fun with your girlfriends!) I will bring the cupcakes! All you need to do is make a pot of coffee....seriously. All right--really gotta run now and pickup my girlfriend at the airport. See you soon!


* The nice weather we've been experiencing around here lately....just perfect!

*My mom, for supporting me in my Willow House business.

*The chance to wear sundresses, finally. Happy First Day of Summer!

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