Friday, July 13, 2012


Been busy as a little bee up in my loft workshop, whipping up a fresh batch of my Farmer's Market pillows....soon to grace my Etsy store........

Even spent some time this week cleaning up and organizing my work cathartic!...........

(Note the EXTREMELY large television that sits right next to my head whilst I sew ....ridiculous, I know! But I am such a BRAVO addict these days (especially anything and everything having to do with any Housewives series...New Jersey, DC, Altanta...bring them all on!), and listening to mindless conversation is very calming to me, for some strange reason. Don't know why....)

I'm having "sew" much fun stocking my little Etsy shop, I almost can't stand it. In fact, I plan on shopping for some Autumn hued fabrics this upcoming'll be Fall before we all know it--sheesh!


In my last post, I promised you Wink's Bananas Foster Crepe recipe, and I'm here to deliver.

We fell head over heels in love with any and all things crepe during our Paris vacation this spring. Especially the Nutella crepes.

In fact, Wink was so inspired that he requested a nice crepe pan from Little Miss Thing for Father's Day this year, and she did not disappoint....

Just LOOK at how perfect and golden brown this one came out.........

Helpful Hint: Wink recommends, if you are making more than just a few crepes, to stack them between layers of parchment paper, to keep them from like a charm!

His crepe recipe is from Creperie Chez can find it below....

I love cooking with my husband, even if he IS a bit intense and kinda scary in the kitchen....

Here's what the caramelized banana filling looked like, right before the whole thing was flambed (due to the large amount of rum in this recipe...the filling  is from Paula Deen, and you KNOW she has a few things to learn about moderation!).......

Here's something right pitiful....I don't even have a photo of the finished product, because we all were so eager to eat our desserts that I forgot to take any!

I scare M'self sometimes, I swear.

Anyways, you just place a good sized ladle-full of filling inside of each crepe, roll up and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And maybe a dusting of powdered sugar, if you're feeling fanciful.

These are so good, you may just weep.

You can find the crepe recipe, HERE.

And you can find Paula's Bananas Foster recipe, HERE.

You're welcome.

See you back soon!


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  1. Like you...I must have a tv on all of the time...I like the company I guess...and I just can't get enough of those housewives!! New York is a bit of a disappointment this year..what do you think?
    Your sewing room is adorable! How are you doing with your etsy shop?