Saturday, January 21, 2012


So, I made this very "elegant" and "understated" cake this morning, all by myself! See, there's a woman I know that I like to call, "Fun Pam", and well, she turned the dreaded "Five - Oh"  a few days ago--better her than I, right? Anyways, a bunch of us girls (plus one of my alltime BFF's on the planet, Jaime Ortiz.....isn't he HOT?.....and don't you just love his red and white toile wallpaper?.........

The above photo was taken at the Bed and Breakfast that Jaime and his partner Stuart own here in our little neighborhood. Jaime swears that the place is haunted, so we had a little ghost-hunting party there the other night....didn't see a THING but this spooky little ghostie girl.....)

That's Jaime and Stuart's precious little girl, Ginger....I am here to tell you that some day soon they are going to come home and Ginger is going to be mysteriously GONE....because she wants to come and live with ME!! She told me so......)

ANYWAYZZZZ, tonite a bunch of us girls, plus Jaime, are getting together in the hood for our annual Psychic Night, AND to celebrate Fun Pam's birthday. I was put in charge of the cake making, which is pretty funny because, while I might be pretty good at some forms of cooking, I am NOT a world class cake decorator--just ask my fambly!

So, I recently took my butt to the closest Michael's and found this nifty "Cake Tattoo" kit, for which to decorate my otherwise bland devil's food with buttercream frosted creation......the "tattoos" are made from edible sugar!........

And I tell you WHAT....this kit was super fun and easy to use...I will definetely be buying his (Duff's, from the Food Network show, I do believe) products creative, so very colorful! Why, JUST like our friend Fun Pam!! --just check out the wilder than wild colors I chose for the cake......

That's right, baby--hot pink rosettes, aqua blue and zebra stripes---MEOW!!!
Here's one more shot of the fabulosity, for your viewing plesha.....

If this cake comes out as amazing as the recipe said it would, I shall share the recipe, and soon. I also have used the absolute BEST BEST BEST buttercream frosting here--it is a super easy no-fail recipe that I have turned to, again and again....

And in case you are wondering what "Psychic Night" even IS, well, my neighbor Sharon found this woman named Kane in nearby Utica years ago who is a psychic. She does one -  on -  one readings with each of us (tonite there are FOURTEEN of us!), and let me tell you that I, usually the UBER skeptic about this kind of stuff, have had my little mind blown many times over by this woman....she has never, ever been incorrect in her predictions! So if you live in our area, and would like to have YOUR little mind blown too, well, shoot me a comment here or an e-mail ( or Facebook me, and I'll put you in touch......

Heading out of state for a few days once again tomorrow, but when I return I shall potentially have that cake recipe for you, PLUS I want to show you how very high I am flying my Valentine's Day freak flag in our home these's bigger than Christmas for me in so many ways........

Till later darlings, Leslie


  1. Have an absolute fantastic time with your friends. It sounds like a great time! That is a very colorful cake..I have heard of the tatoos but never tried yet.
    Enjoyed you posting!
    Take pictures for us!

  2. Want every little detail about what the psychic told you.

  3. Have a lot of fun with your friends..I love how the cake came out..I will have to look in Michaels for it..Looking forward to the recipe too..

  4. Amazing cake!!! You can't help but smile when you look at all that sweet colorful fun!

    And a "Happy Birthday" shout out to Miss Pam!

  5. Wow! I love your cake! I certainly haven't been decorating any cakes...but I want to try this. Thanks for sharing!