Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just flew in from Vegas and California, and BOY, are my arms tired!! Okay, that was bad, but I couldn't help it....I'm really jet-lagged and tired and punchy, so sue me already. I'm in between loads 53,432 and 53,433 of our endless vacation laundry, just picked up Wee Willie from his "baby sitter", and have successfully swept up and vacuumed up about 2 tons of cat litter that was somehow, liberally, sprinkled NOW, I get to have some fun~! I'm gonna take you, in a 3 part series over the next week or so, on our very fun vacation--let's get started!

First up, Las Vegas. Sin City. Lost Wages. You must understand, we are really, really NOT Las Vegas kind of people, but Big Daddy had a class to attend for his association, so we made the best of it. We don't gamble, at all. We are in - bed - by - 9 o'clock kinda people. Pretty funny in a town that doesn't even START partying until around midnight.

Here's what I DO love about Vegas: the grand hotels. Especially the Bellagio. They really know how to whoop it up in the decor department. Being that it was almost Easter when we were there, the hotel was all decked out with flowers and butterflies and greenhouses:

The Bellagio hotel on the left, Ceasar's Palace on the right

The Grand Entryway at The Bellagio

Poppies, Poppies, everywhere~!

Gorgeous tulips

                      A carnival atmosphere...

                            These are all REAL!!!

Actual sprays of water over the pathway--so tempting to touch!

A huge "painting", made totally from fresh flowers.

The glass Butterfly House

Butterflies feeding from an orange

The world's largest chocolate fountain--heaven!

Hanging from the lobby ceiling, this amazing blown glass sculpture by one of my favorite artists, Chihully.

Do you notice a mysterious lack of actual CASINO photos? That's because I really don't like casinos, but this one, inside the Bellagio, is pretty grand; I'll admit it. If it looks familiar, that's because it was on the national news lately, after a masked bandit robbed the cashiers of their chips:

The fabulous Bellagio pools:

Next time I stay here, I soooo wanna rent one of these cabanas:

If you go outside of the Bellagio and look across the street, this is the scene--The faux Eiffel Tower

The Bellagio puts on a SPECTACULAR water show in the lake--all choreographed to music--especially fabulous at night! I think this is my favorite thing in Las Vegas.

The next day, I met the King and Queen of Las Vegas themselves, my mom and dad. They've been coming to Vegas for over 50 years, back when there was actual sand between the casinos! Mom and Dad drove all the way over from California, just to hang with the Willards:

See those hotels behind them? Those are the Wynn and Wynn Encore, where they were staying. Newer hotels on the strip, they are not to be missed:

This was the view from their room:

And here is just one of the fabulous restaurants in the Wynn, and a tile mosaic butterfly, just one of thousands all handcrafted on the lobby floors:

Well, despite all of the grandeur, this country girl needed to get out of the city for awhile, so Mom and Dad and I drove about a half hour outside of Las Vegas, to the absolutely breathtaking Red Rock Canyon, for a hike:

(I know it looks hot, but it wasn't--a nice and breezy 70 degrees)

Don't you just love that blue, blue sky, contrasted against the red rocks?

Simply awe inspiring! We even saw a few eagles soaring above those cliffs.

The next day, Dad wanted to hang by the pool, so Mom and I took in the new City Center, which houses the Cosmopolitan and Aria hotels:

I took this photo at the Cosmopolitan bar--thought the gazillions of crystals hanging from the ceiling were spectacular!:

We then strolled over to the Ceasar's Palace Forum shops--an oldie but goodie on the strip, also not to be missed

Celine Dion is in concert there, and also Janet Jackson and Elton John!

The fabulous statues in the Forum--they actually talk and move:

Phenominal shopping and eating opportunities, everywhere!:

The most amazing 3 story H & M store I've ever seen

That's all for now--coming soon---off to San Francisco!


*The spring rains---everything feels so fresh and green, finally

*Our wonderful parents, who are all healthy and so much fun!

*My Curried Chicken Salad recipe--I'll share the recipe, soon--promise.


  1. Great snaps! Did you score a new camera?

    And an FYI - there's a big Chilhully exhibit at the Boston MFA thru August 7th! ( My boys are taking me for Mother's Day! Why don't you get Big Daddy to bring you out to see it & we Weekses!

  2. All I can say is WOW!!!!! So neat to see it thru your eyes.

  3. Thank you for that fantastic tour Leslie... now I don't feel the need to go, i'll just keep checking out your detailed photos!! Love it, thanks!!

  4. Hey sweet Lollie--Yup--got a much better camera recently--a Nikon. Good to know someone else who appreciates Chihully as much as we do--discovered him in Omaha, of all places--they have a fabulous museum, with a huge sculpture of his in a window--amazing light through that blown glass--enjoy your Mother's Day, lucky girl!